Charming and efficient

First appointed to the position, he was subsequently re-elected four times and was never opposed in those races. Under his stewardship he undertook several important initiatives all of which enhanced the operation of the clerk’s office. He was the guiding spirit behind the mandated design and construction of a new circuit courthouse in Palmyra and spent years working with an advisory group to come up with plans for a building that complemented the surrounding Palmyra village and yet was a modern and efficient court building. I worked with him in my capacity as president of the Fluvanna Historical Society on selecting the contents of the time capsule which was eventually dedicated and sealed in one of the columns of the new edifice.
Few Fluvanna citizens realize how complete the public records are for Fluvanna County and how carefully they are maintained. B.E. applied for a series of grants from the Library of Virginia to photocopy and professionally preserve our most historical documents including deeds, marriage certificates and other papers central to understanding Fluvanna’s history. This he did on his own initiative to the great benefit of our citizens. We now possess not only one of the most complete collections of historic public records but through B.E.’s persistent and effective efforts, those records are now stored in a manner that will ensure their preservation for many years into the future.
B.E. Peterson brought a unique and charming personality to a potentially difficult job. He was very good at what he did, and we should all be thankful for his incredible contributions.

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