Disappointed and skeptical

No Board can encumber or limit the discretion of succeeding Boards other than by loading up the LMOA credit card! What a current Board promises or assures is not binding. Proponents of the R & R project, using fear tactics, state that failure to give the Board this blank check “would result in $2-$3 million dollars to meet minimum ADA requirements…” This is fallacious in two respects: The amount is speculative and not calculated, and the Americans with Disabilities Act fixes proposed are only partial fixes, neglecting ADA corrections to other LMOA facilities. What they do not address is the fact that, until LMOA regains control of its finances and begins to adhere to the MRR policies and principles, much of our emergency reserve will be expended, and regular and recurring dues increases, if not special assessments, will become the norm.
Current LMOA financial data is limited. The 2014 end of year audit is not yet available, some five plus months into the current year. The mandatory MRR, five year audit is not yet available, again, some five plus months into the current year. For those inquisitive, and computer savvy enough, there is a substantial amount of data available at the LMOA web site.
As proclaimed in the old Pogo cartoon, “We have met the enemy…and he is us!”
As one of our respected former presidents stated…more than once, “Trust…but verify.”
And as his wife often stated in dealing with other complex issues, “Just say no!”
I don’t think I’m alone in saying I cannot support this new vast project with only half-vast planning.

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