Wondering about advice

Now, we cannot continue our band aid approach as seeing Wayne Schmidt climbing an extension ladder to fix a partially condemned Bunker Recreation Center. Well, we get what we pay for and our insurance at the Lake no longer covers volunteers climbing ladders to keep our buildings upright.
And what is it with those who think that after all these years of our past Boards not finding a better funding solution that when they do find a proposal and have a vision to present it to our members, they want the Board to go back to the drawing board? Sounds like the preverbal ostrich sticking its head in the sand.
By the way, the R&R project is the involvement of many members and residents at the Lake. It is a proposal with benefits that far exceed it costs. When they dammed up Boston Creek some 45 plus years ago, they knew we had to take care of our Lake Monticello amenities, but we didn’t! Come on folks, quit tilting at windmills and let’s bring Lake Monticello into the 21st century. Vote yes. Not voting is a no vote!

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