Iran deal stinks

I write to ask that everyone who understands that peace comes through strength to write our two senators to urge them to publicly announce their opposition to the proposed nuclear deal with Iran. It is simply a bad and dangerous deal. As Alan Dershowitz noted, this deal does not actually achieve what President Obama purports it will achieve, and will end up like the fiasco of the Clinton deal with North Korea ( At least with North Korea China struggles to keep them from destabilizing the neighborhood too much. There is no such constraint with Iran. Russia and China simply hope that Iran will be our problem, not theirs. Virginia, as the home to the largest naval station in the world, will be called upon far more to undo the damage that will arise from this false deal than other states that do not house our nation’s military infrastructure. Thus our senators have a special burden to protect our nation from a dangerous deal that will only invite a nuclear arms race to unfold in the most dangerous region in the world.

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