Correcting names

I am writing in response to a letter from Joan Henderson published in your Aug. 6 issue. In that letter she graciously thanked several people by name, including me, who helped and cared for her late husband in his last week. The correct names of the two people who responded to the emergency situation on her back deck are Tim Maywalt and Tim Eckert, and they are members of the Lake Monticello Safety Patrol, not the Coast Guard (I don’t believe the Coast Guard patrols our lake). I was just the organization’s patrol coordinator that day, and I guess the names got confused. In addition, one of the fire fighters who responded was Jason Chabot, who coincidently is also a member of the Lake Safety Patrol. This is a volunteer organization which supports water recreation safety at the Lake by, among many other things, operating a patrol boat on summer weekends to assist disabled boats or anyone having a water emergency or in distress. In this case the patrol boat was returning at the end of the day and the crew heard and responded to Ms. Henderson’s calls for help. More information about the Lake Safety Patrol may be found at

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