Gun control laws don’t work

While to some degree the above may deter further violations by the law abiding public, I disagree that it solves the problem. How many people are rearrested for subsequent offenses for driving under the influence of alcohol? How many people are arrested for offenses of driving while their license is suspended? How many habitual offenders, who have had their driving privileges permanently revoked, have been rearrested for driving under the influence of alcohol?
While I am in agreement that something should be done to prevent gun violence, there is no law that can be passed that would stop someone from obtaining a gun. How many convicted felons, who are banned from possessing a gun, are arrested for having a gun, possibly in the commission of a crime?
The only people affected by trying to impose gun control measures are those who will abide by the law. It will have little or no effect on the criminal who wants to obtain a gun. They will always find a way to obtain a gun, just as addicts will always find a way to obtain the drug(s) of their choice.
If the governor, Obama and Hillary wish to implement more restrictive gun control measures, let them set the example by disarming their security detail. This would be an easily accomplished first step in establishing gun control.

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