Lawyer for clerk

Trissy could not drop family responsibilities to attend law school for three years and accrue a huge debt. So, she applied to the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners to enter the Law Reader Program, which has an arduous syllabus for supervised self-study that, upon completion, may lead to a law license. Trissy completed a regimen of studying legal material at least 25 hours per week for 40 weeks per year for three years, still working part-time. She became a lawyer in October 2006. Trissy operates her own law office in Palmyra only a few steps from the courthouse.
The clerk is not required to be a lawyer and not even a college graduate. However, a lawyer clerk can quickly resolve issues that may arise where a non-lawyer will have to consult an outside attorney creating inherent delays and costs. The mere presence of a lawyer in the office tends to discourage problems from developing. Taxpayers provide the same salary whether the clerk has only a high school equivalency (GED) or is an experienced lawyer. The retiring clerk is a lawyer, why would we want to step down to a lower level of expertise?
Trissy has done everything we possibly could have asked or expected her to do to prepare to perform the duties of Fluvanna Circuit Court Clerk. Please join me in voting for Tristana Pace Treadway.

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