Fairchild thanks rescuers

A couple weeks ago I had a four wheeler accident that was covered in The Review and it was noted that two medics, who were also riding, helped to take care of me. Emily Helm was mentioned, who was accompanied by Katelin Perkins. From what we now know I am so fortunate to be able to say that they did not just help me, they literally saved my life. When the helicopter landed on the hospital rooftop they pumped eight pints of blood into me and they could not find a pulse until using some sort of machinery, as it was so faint. When I woke the operating doctor explained that after more than four hours getting me from the mountains of Southern WV to the Charleston rooftop and given my condition when I got there, one could only speculate what another fifteen or twenty minutes might have meant. Without the educated care of Katelin and Emily along with the guidance of Freddie Helm who is from there and directed the rescue teams to where we were in the mountains, I just plain don’t think I’d be here. Thank you Katelin, Freddie and Emily and thanks to all the others in Fluvanna who run rescue and sacrifice so much in order to save lives. I never really appreciated just what you do for us.
Finally, thanks so much for the love and care I have received from my friends, neighbors and fellow Flucos. I love Fluvanna!!!

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