Fluvanna at crossroads

Critics arguing that we cannot afford to do so are trading short​-​term tax relief ​for a long​-​term solution that works to balance the tax burden. To argue that our rates make us non-competitive ignores the limitation and value of the land in the area or the county’s ability to offer incentives and lower associated taxes to attract business. More dismaying is that by doing nothing, we guarantee that we will be an even less attractive place to do business in the long run.
Those opposed conveniently ignore the current growth on the I​-​64/Rt.​ ​15/Rt. 250 corridor, the lower cost with Louisa County as a partner and continued costs from population growth, inflation and capital improvements which will pressure tax rates and can’t be addressed by spending cuts alone. The 75,000 gallons per day of water we will obtain from the Department of Corrections is not a long​-​term solution and a piecemeal approach is certain to cost more.
If you believe that water and economic growth are essential to our future let your supervisor know that you support a long​-range vision for our county and attend the meeting.
Fluvanna is truly at a crossroads. As long as we wish for economic development without appropriate infrastructure, it will remain just that. The time has come to engage and move forward!

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