Vote down SUP

The continued use of the James River and the area surrounding Point Of Fork for canoeing, picnics, wildlife observation, swimming, fresh water fishing and recreation is important to Fluvanna County and the preservation of this natural and historically significant area to insure that our children and grandchildren can find a quiet place for observing the deer, bald eagles, wild ducks, and geese which live there now is more important than providing water to Louisa County developers.
If the Board believes that most of the citizens of Fluvanna County believe these things and that the job of the Board of Supervisors is to represent the interests of Fluvanna County residents then you should vote down this special use permit.
Whose interest are you representing if you grant this special use permit? Because most of us believe that this pipeline is not in best interests of the residents of Fluvanna County or the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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