County suit

The JRWA board is made up of three representatives from Fluvanna and three from Louisa. When the lawsuit was put to a vote, the three members from Louisa were present but only two from Fluvanna. Even so, Louisa couldn’t approve the suit with its three votes alone because JRWA rules require more than a simple majority. It takes four votes to pass any action. Louisa representatives had to have one member of the Fluvanna delegation cross over to their side.
Ever see one of those rare basketball games where a player from one side gets confused, speeds down the court and shoves the ball into the opposing team’s basket by mistake, scoring points that help the other team win?
What’s different in this case is that giving the other team the advantage was done on purpose. It’s one thing to be zealous about a water line. It’s quite another to deliberately vote to expose one’s own county to a potentially costly lawsuit.

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