Good job Boisvert

A short time later she managed to get up and move to the woods across from my house but it was clear that she wasn’t going to make it long, Boisvert came back to my home and asked if there were any children home, I told him they were at school, and he told me that unfortunately they would need to euthanize the deer but that maintenance would be there to remove her immediately. I said how sorry I was and he responded that it was the part of his job he liked the least. Within minutes another officer and a maintenance worker came and they took care of the deer humanely.
I wanted to tell this story because there is often a lot of bad press about the officials that help this lake be the community that we all love, and that quite often they have to do the hard things, the sad things, the things that have to be done, and they do it with an amazing sense of professionalism and kindness.

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