Pipeline regret

Recent experience tells us that Fluvanna government will spend more than it collects. Imagined collections from imagined future industries will not reduce residential taxes. Today’s government spends everything. Residential taxpayer relief is pure fiction.
Louisa developed Zion Crossroads with no James River water. Wells work, and the cost falls on the private developer who benefits, not the taxpayers who don’t. A pipeline helps no Fluvanna taxpayer.
Fluvanna residents were denied a vote on this project. Now proponents try to scare taxpayers with the threat of litigation if the 2016 Board doesn’t implement the 2013 Board’s plan. The 2013 agreement is largely “an agreement to reach agreement in the future,” and may suffer in court from being indefinite. Also, the authority of a past Board to control acts of a future Board is questionable. Litigation may not produce what the proponents expect.
The threat of litigation with Louisa or developers could have been avoided by a referendum and documentation in a contract with fewer “loose ends.”
Also, do you remember the earlier water withdrawal facility in Bremo that washed away? As too often happens, taxpayers got nothing for their money.
Fluvanna has experience. We will regret not learning from it.

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