Lower the speed limit

Approaching Riverside southbound on South Boston is a blind curve right next to these entrances, which makes entering the highway at Riverside a hair-raising experience. There is no orange signage advising a reduced speed approaching this blind curve.
Many popular GPS maps direct visitors into the Riverside gate, which is a private gate with no speaker, requiring the whole line of cars to back out into traffic on South Boston Rd. to allow the visitor to back out of the gate. Added to all this, that section of the road is extremely dark at night, with no reflectors nor rumble strips, making it difficult to follow the road.
This dangerous strip of road deserves more than a cursory glance by VDOT. The possibility of a reduced speed zone should not be brushed off with the excuse that all of Union Mills Rd., North and South Boston Rd., and the other rural routes in this area are all “already reduced to 45 miles per hour.” VDOT appears to recognize that as a standard maximum safe speed for all the roads in this area, when conditions are optimal. Reductions are an easy and inexpensive solution to a serious problem which should not be neglected.


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