Letters to the Editor

Slow down

I do not understand why municipalities and the Department of Motor Vehicles always come up with the most expensive solutions.  Here’s one that won’t cost much: slow down.  The speed limit within Palmyra is 35 miles per hour (mph). The amount of traffic that goes in and out of Turkeysag at Lake Monticello far exceeds that which turns left or right off of Rt.15 in Palmyra, yet the speed limit on Rt.53 is 55 mph – why?

Here are some solutions that are inexpensive: (1) on South Boston, from Rt. 618 to Broken Island, make it 35 mph (this will make it safer for folks exiting and entering Riverside and safer around all those curves); and (2) on Rt. 53, from Rt. 618 to Turkeysag also make it 35 mph (this will make it safer for folks entering/exiting at Tufton and a whole lot safer for folks at Turkeysag).

We won’t need turn lanes and just think of the revenue possibilities from those folks who refuse to obey the lower limits.  You may grumble, but if we’re talking about making our roads safer, we don’t have to spend millions of dollars, we just have to slow down.

Carol Parsons, Lake Monticello

Safety concerns

The safety of Lake Monticello residents has lately been either ignored or dismissed in terms of our roads, entrances and one of our beaches.  The Lake Monticello Owners’ Association (LMOA) plan to build a dredger bulkhead at Beach 2 is misguided and dangerous. Barge transits though the narrow channels around the beach would be near a popular swimming area. Environmental concerns for loss of water habitats should also be considered. But why force spoils trucks to drive through additional residential streets and navigate a steep incline?

On the subject of trucks, I’m not sure if LMOA has established a real policy on trucks delivering building equipment and material to the new Bunker recreational building at the golf course or not. If a policy is now in effect, is it being enforced by instructing all vendors to enter at the Fairway Gate on Slice Road?

Finally, the Fluvanna Review’s article on July 7 examining the addition of a left turn lane at the Tufton Gate entrance on Rt. 53 failed to mention an important fact. In September of 2009 LMOA purchased a lot on Jefferson Drive opposite Lafayette Drive for the express purpose of installing an entrance that would connect to Rt. 618. Under the guidance of Gene Ott, a member of the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors at that time, it was determined that adding this entrance would alleviate much of the traffic at Tufton Gate for residents in Sections 2 and 5 heading west on Rt. 53.  VDOT was enthusiastic with their endorsement of this project. If the cost of purchasing land on Rt. 53 for a left turn lane is prohibitive, why not pursue a much more affordable alternative?

Here’s another way to look at these issues. Just three years ago LMOA sponsored and organized a yearly weekend of resident yard sales. Maps and signs were provided. The entire plan was scrapped because of safety issues and possible lawsuits. If residents parking on neighborhood streets was deemed unsafe, how can LMOA justify ignoring the concerns of residents in regard to tractor trailers, spoils trucks and dredging barges?

Julius Neelley, Lake Monticello


Tired of footing the bill

One lesson from both Democrats and Republicans in the recent presidential primary season: we the people are tired of watching business reap financial rewards while we foot the bill. One message about taxes from our country’s current president: business should pay a little more so ordinary folks can pay a little less.

Fluvanna supervisors did not learn the lesson. They did not get the message.

Our county’s supervisors currently are considering measures that would reduce certain taxes, notably the personal property tax, on businesses. The offset, of course, will be that we who support the county with real estate taxes will pay more.

Supervisor Tony O’Brien ran for office on a promise to increase business contributions to our revenue base, thereby reducing taxes for the rest of us. Yet he leads the effort to cut business taxes. He also advocates reducing land use tax abatement, a move which could hit many ordinary folks hard.

Mozell Booker calls herself a Democrat but strongly supports these business tax cuts based on trickle-down Reaganomics. Patricia Eager and Mike Sheridan are consistent in their support of breaks for business. Reducing personal property tax on business was the most visible promise of Sheridan’s campaign.

Only Don Weaver, a self-described conservative, sides with ordinary folks on taxes. His populist stand against tax cuts for businesses in Fluvanna is refreshing.

Already, our Board of Supervisors has committed millions of dollars to business through expensive water systems that hold little possibility of tax relief for ordinary citizens. Now supervisors want to cut business taxes, including those that would help offset profligate water line spending.

It’s time for our supervisors to study the lesson. Maybe, somehow, they will get the message.

Dennis Holder, Kents Store

Thanks from Vest family

We write with grateful appreciation to family, friends, Fluvanna Fire and Rescue, Fluvanna County Public School students and employees, and local churches.

“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”
 (I Thessalonians 5:18)

In the midst of our sadness, our hearts are overflowing with joy at the love and kindness you have shown.  Your outpouring of support to our family throughout George’s illness and his passing has been gratefully appreciated.  You have touched our hearts providing much needed comfort.  Your thoughts and actions continue to show that there are caring people surrounding us.

Many thanks and blessing to you in your daily lives.  Grace be with you all as God continues to keep you in his care.

With grateful appreciation and much love…

The family of George Jones Vest – Gloria, Jana, and Cameron (Na’)

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