Letters to the Editor

Slow down

I’d like to comment and add to the “Slow Down” entry in a previous issue. Also, my comments are pointed mostly around Riverside gate. I do agree, why are the most expensive and most complicated solutions always on the table first?

But, here are some additional solutions and simple facts.

The distance between the turning vehicle yellow warning sign in both directions is different. Coming up hill going towards (Rt. 600 S) Riverside going 45 mph brings you to the gate entrance in about four seconds. Coming out of the 90-degree curve at Broken Island towards Riverside (Rt. 600 N) at the same speed will bring you to the gate in nine seconds. Think about the results if some cars go 50/55 mph. A lot of yellow warning signs have a speed limit sign below. Not these! Why? A 30 mph speed sign would be appropriate. Fact two; coming out of Riverside the view to the right is blocked 75 percent by two utility poles and blocked to the left by long tree branches hanging. Please get both these removed and make the view safe and easy. Too easy. Finally VDOT could make sleeper lines in the pavement to get driver’s attention or use other warnings maybe painted on the pavement.

These are all simple and cost effective ideas but everybody has to participate. In the meantime, slow down.

U. Schlein, Lake Monticello

Apply to FLDP

My wife and I are relatively new to Fluvanna County. We moved here to retire three years ago, having been attracted by the peaceful and beautiful countryside, the lower cost of living (relative to our former home in New Jersey), and the proximity of all that Charlottesville offers. We’re convinced that we made a great choice.

I was looking for a way to quickly become an informed, participating citizen in our new community. I wanted to know who our key local leaders are, what issues face us, what opportunities are available to us, how the county operates, and how I might make a positive contribution here. I looked into the Fluvanna Leadership Development Program and found that it addressed all of these topics plus a grounding in Fluvanna history. Completing the program was well worth the modest fee and my investment of time.

I’ve encountered many other Fluvanna residents who tell similar stories, but few of them have completed FLDP. Class 14 begins in September; applications are being accepted now. Take a moment to visit the FLDP website at https://fluvannaleadership.com to learn more about this opportunity and consider completing an application.

Charlie White, Palmyra

Thanks Post 2003

I the undersigned wish to express my appreciation to the Fluvanna County American Legion Post 2003 for their continued participation in Lake Monticello events such as the 2016 Fourth of July celebration parade. For those of you who did not watch the parade, the Legion led off the parade carrying the colors of our country, and led the marchers for the entire marcher’s route. Many of our Legionnaires, who were not able to march, also participated by riding in the special vehicles made available for them. Post 2003 has led off the Lake Monticello Fourth of July parades for several years. This Post has also participated in the Lake Monticello Flag Day flag retirement ceremony for several years as well. Fluvanna County American Legion Post 2003 – I salute you.

Vito Addotta, Lake Monticello


Volunteers help 600 taxpayers

On behalf of the 14 local volunteers on the Fluvanna AARP tax-aide team, I want to express our appreciation to Fluvanna County and the taxpayers who used our tax preparation services in 2015. AARP initiated this program nationally over 10 years ago to serve low and moderate income ($80,000) taxpayers of all ages.  Since then it has grown in size and popularity.  Last year we helped over 2.6 million taxpayers nationally receive over $1.3 billion in refunds and are the nation’s largest, free, volunteer-run tax preparation service.

Fluvanna County has generously allowed us to use the library’s conference room for the last seven years.  It is a convenient place for taxpayers to have their returns prepared.  In addition, the county has enabled us to promptly submit those returns to the IRS and Virginia Department of Taxation using the library’s internet service.  We want to thank in particular county Librarian Cyndi Hoffman and her staff, who were so accommodating.

Starting Feb. 1, taxpayers from Fluvanna and neighboring counties brought in their information and allowed us to prepare their federal and state returns.  By the end of tax season we helped over 600 taxpayers file returns and claim over $650,000 in refunds.  These local taxpayers also likely avoided paying over $100,000 in return preparation fees.

We know that the demand for our help exceeded our ability to serve everyone, but we were limited by the number of local volunteers.  In addition to our scheduler, our team consisted of three greeters and 10 certified tax counselors that volunteered up to 15 hours each week between Feb. 1 and April 18.  To expand our service, we need more volunteers.   To become certified as a tax counselor, volunteers must attend classes in the Fall and pass IRS tax preparation exams using IRS software.

It’s simple, the more volunteers we have, the more taxpayers we can serve in our community.  Please let me know if you are interested in being a greeter or counselor for next year.  You will be making a difference in people’s lives.

Richard Payne, Fluvanna tax-aide coordinator

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