Letters to the Editor

I may be incorrect, but I believe David Toscano was misquoted. I believe he stated, “There was no fraud as the problem was uncovered before any damage could be done.” He would however have to concede that an attempt was made to commit fraud. How many additional attempts have been made that have not been uncovered?
I will be the first to concede that I have no definitive proof that voter fraud does exist. However, I will also strongly state that no one can prove that voter fraud does not exist. Not all bank robberies are successful; some are. I would venture that some attempts at voter fraud are also successful. One fraudulent vote is one too many.

Jim Haney

You’ll never convince me
One can use Google to find statistics and studies showing that voter fraud is not a problem. The same Google search can also find documented cases of voter fraud. When someone tells me that voter fraud is not a problem, they remind me of the Groucho Marx saying, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

Here’s what I see. It’s obvious that voter registration and voting are not tightly controlled. Many states do not have a foolproof process for removing you from their voter list when you move to another state. The same is true when you die. In many states, if you can get a driver’s license, you can register to vote. Many states do not require a photo ID when voting. An antiquated voting administration process can be overwhelmed by large scale same-day registration and mail-in voting. If the government itself and sophisticated online service providers can be hacked, it seems possible that electronic voting systems run by state and local governments can be manipulated. The situation is ripe for abuse. In my opinion, anyone who doesn’t think people will take advantage of this situation, especially when the stakes are high, is either naive or likes the situation just the way it is.

In 2000 there were about 6 million votes cast for president in Florida. The winner was decided by around 500 votes or less than 0.01 percent. Wherever you stand on the actual result, my lying eyes see an irresistible opportunity for some group to steal an election.

Michael Aquilino

Return stolen signs
My husband and I were away visiting friends for a few days last week. We had three political signs in our front yard. When we returned, the Hillary Clinton sign had been stolen. I reported the theft to the Lake Monticello Police.

It is very disturbing that someone would have deliberately removed the sign. If the person still has it, we would appreciate its return.

Cheryl Kasper
Lake Monticello

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