Letters to the Editor

Blame party for not listening to people
Sadly, I saw the Trump takeover coming. I had a bad feeling as I realized that the Democratic National Committee had been scheming for Hillary’s coronation for years. They seemed to stifle Bernie Sanders at every turn through electioneering during the primaries. Things could have gone a lot differently if the primaries were totally free and fair. That, coupled with the media who dismissed him from the start, proved to be too much to overcome.

Bernie would have thousands at his rallies, yet the media was mum until they finally had to give him a little coverage. Too little, too late. They seemed to relish the dung hurling circus that Trump, the greatest media manipulator of all time, was providing them. It was great for ratings, which translates into more money. It’s all about the cash, right? What kind of scandals would Bernie have provided for the talking heads to ruminate about? None!

The fact is that Bernie’s message of bringing back the middle class and reining in oligarchs would have resounded with the same folks that supported Trump. But the message never got out. People were angry, and Queen Hillary wasn’t going to assuage that frustration.

To paraphrase George Carlin: “We can choose between 20 kinds of bagels, but we only have these two to choose from?”

Bernie would have been successful as a third party candidate – one that people could support rather than the old and tired “lesser of two evils” nonsense.

But going forward I agree with President Obama: “The sun will rise in the morning.”

We will survive. Humanity always does. But in the short run, I feel bad for every minority group in this country – Blacks, Latinos, LGBTs, Asians, Native Americans, not to mention the poor, the elderly trying to live on scant means, and the sick.

I don’t hate Trump, and I hope and pray to any and everything sacred, that he can rise to the occasion of being a true leader. What we need now is compassion and understanding at all levels.

Mark St. John
Lake Monticello

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