Letters to the Editor

I’m asking you to put partisan politics aside this Jan. 10 and come out to vote for the candidate best equipped to serve the residents of Fluvanna County. Make your vote count, and elect Ryant Washington as our next state senator in the 22nd District.

Paul Crowther

What’s good for Fluvanna?

Our next Virginia senator will be elected on Jan. 10 in a special election.  It would be easy to wash our hands of politics and elections after this recent presidential election. But it is time to select someone who will represent Fluvanna rather than stamping a political party.  Our country has become too divided with folks pushed to side with a political party rather than what is good for our country.

On Jan. 10 we can vote for Ryant Washington for state senator from the 22nd District. Mr. Washington served as our county’s sheriff and always ran his elections as an independent. He made it a priority to know, listen to, and work for everyone in our county. I believe he would do the same for all the people of Virginia’s 22nd District.

He has deep roots in rural central Virginia, is dedicated to small business, public safety, healthcare, and values public education. His experience as an elected official in Fluvanna, his understanding of Virginia government, his work with the Fluvanna Chamber of Commerce, and his understanding of the importance of a strong public education as the roadmap to each young person’s success make him the non-partisan choice for Fluvanna’s next state senator.  He is a regular guy who you know will represent the citizens of Fluvanna.

Be sure to talk to your family, friends and neighbors.  Mark your calendar and vote for Ryant Washington on Jan. 10!

Kathy Swenson Miller

Thanks to election volunteers

The results of the election are in and Fluvanna County’s turnout was 76.17 percent of the active registered voters.

President-elect Donald J. Trump carried Fluvanna with 51.68 percent of the vote. Secretary Hillary R. Clinton received 42.38 percent. Congressman-elect Tom Garrett carried Fluvanna with 58.04 percent of the vote. Jane Dittmar received 41.81 percent of the vote.

The constitutional amendment relating to the right to work issue was not supported by Fluvanna voters with 52.76 percent voting against and 47.24 percent voting for the measure. The constitutional amendment to provide tax relief for spouses of first responders was supported by Fluvanna voters with 79.68 percent voting in favor and 20.32 percent voting against.

The operation of our polling places went well and is a testament to the spirit of community service, integrity and dedication of our volunteer officers of election who gave freely of their time to prepare for the election in the weeks preceding Nov. 8 and who cheerfully worked long hours on election day to ensure a fair, transparent, and well-executed election.

As we near the holiday season, please remember our citizens who help to sustain our republic through their dedication to and participation in our election process.
Martha Holt’s government classes at Fluvanna County High School provided volunteer pages.

We also need to thank the Fluvanna Department of Public Works for assisting with the transportation of supplies and the Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office for providing secure movement of our voting equipment and documents, as well as for providing unobtrusive security on election day.

The unsung heroes of election day are the general registrar, Joyce Wells Pace, and the assistant registrars, Gwen Davis and Gail Bruce.
Finally, we need to thank the political parties and their enthusiastic supporters whose visible and vigorous presence at our polling places provides us all a reminder of the issues and matters facing voters as they made their choices on election day.

Catherine Hobbs, Electoral Board Chair
Patricia Hastings, Vice Chair
Dan Graff, Secretary of the Electoral Board

Thanks to Papa John’s

I would like to express our appreciation to Palmyra’s Papa John’s, for providing pizzas free of charge for the officers of election at all voting precincts, our office staff, and our helpers from the Fluvanna County Public Works Department on election day.  This has been an ongoing service Papa John’s has provided for the past several years and we are forever grateful for their generosity.

Joyce Pace
Fluvanna County Registrar

Thank you

This is a note of appreciation to the person who recently made our neighborhood more pleasant by cleaning up the litter on Rolling Road South toward Branch Road. Thank you.

Sherron Pace

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