Letters to the Editor

Pool proposal too vague to support
We will vote “no” on the as-yet incomplete swimming pool initiative.  Here’s why.
We are disappointed that the LMOA Board has chosen to ask residents for permission to spend nearly a million dollars on a new swimming pool without giving us any information about the location, size or features of the pool.

Everyone remembers that we were given very detailed plans regarding the proposed renovations of the Ashlawn clubhouse and replacement of the Eagle’s Nest and golf cart barn – before we were asked to vote for a dues increase. Now, we are being told, “The money has to be approved by the residents. Then we can get plans going.”

The Board assures us that the cost estimate includes a generous reserve, even though no definitive plans are available on which to base the estimate. We have been told it is less expensive to dig a new hole in a different location rather than remove the existing pool and build there, even though no engineering studies and utility surveys have been done and even though the deck and several feet of the existing pool wall would have to be demolished and toppled into the existing pool before it is buried.

The Board assures us that they will “hold surveys and town halls for community input.” Well, there goes the reserve. Experience has taught every successful project manager that open-ended plans consume all available resources, if not more.

Why is the Board making this so difficult? Had they proposed a direct replacement of the pool at the same location, we would have voted in favor of the proposal. It is simply unthinkable and unacceptable to move the pool to a new location, even elsewhere on the Ashlawn clubhouse grounds, that is any closer to residential dwellings than the existing pool, or any closer to vehicular traffic, which would endanger child safety.

We accept the analysis that a new pool is needed. We encourage the Board to return to their past practice of being good stewards and develop a definitive plan that we can support, before they ask for our money.

Denny & Nancy Avers
Lake Monticello

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