Letters to the Editor

Canceling climate accord takes country backward
There he goes again. Trump has cancelled the Paris Climate Accord signed by 195 countries after two decades of negotiations. He’s determined to take our country backward when we need leadership in order to face a world climate crisis. In fact, many of the most powerful corporations (including ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Shell) and institutional investors in the U.S. called on Trump to stay in the pact. Dropping out of the global climate accord will satisfy only a handful of coal and mining interests and Trump’s most ideological backers.

Trump acts like a spoiled child monarch with no ability to discern the truth. The reality is that the United States has been the world’s leading consumer and polluter for decades. Now it’s our turn to set the example and pay back into the global effort to turn away from a disaster that will know no borders.

Cities and states are leading the way. California is on track to ditching fossil fuels completely after that state’s senate passed a bill that calls for 100 percent renewable energy by 2045.

In the primary race for governor of Virginia, it’s clear that the Democratic Party candidates also lead the way. Ralph Northam helped develop recommendations for how Virginia can reduce its carbon footprint. But Tom Perriello has pledged to act “as a firewall against the Trump administration’s disregard for the environment.” According to his website, Perriello has “refused donations from Dominion and Appalachian Power and will fight to ensure that our Commonwealth protects our people and not powerful interests.”

Author Naomi Klein wrote, “Trump is extreme, but he’s not a Martian. On the contrary, he is the logical conclusion to many of the most dangerous trends of the past half century.” Here’s a suggestion. Let’s put top priority on NASA’s mission to Mars and make sure it’s ready to launch next year. And let’s convince Trump to be the first president to visit another planet. With Trump millions of miles away it might be possible to ignore his idiotic tweets, incoherent pronouncements and dangerous policy decisions.

Julius Neelley
Lake Monticello

Sensible alternative to expensive new pool

The expense has already been made investing in five beautiful beaches on our lake. If families and children wish to swim, we already have plenty of places for them to do so…and to have swimming lessons too. We could save the million dollars plus for a new pool, and associated support facilities yet unaccounted for, which would provide a seasonal solution at best.

Alternatively, there already exists a wonderful pool, available year-round, less than two minutes from our main gate – Health Nutz – and the cost is far less than that which we charge for a seasonal-only pool. Rather than going into debt and depleting our reserves, why don’t we promote the wonderful existing beaches at Lake Monticello itself. And further, why burden the majority of homeowners – who are not all swimmers – with the expense of a facility we do not want and will not use.

We don’t need the ego trips associated with having a pool…promote the lake!

Dennis Paine
Lake Monticello
Editor’s Note: The announcement that the Health Nutz pool is closed permanently came after this letter was received.

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