Letters to the Editor

Building permit department very efficient
I just completed the building permit process for a new deck, and give the Fluvanna building permits department an A+. When I first purchased here, I heard stories of the permit process in the ’70s and ’80s; enough said. I had previously suffered though the total bureaucracy known as Fairfax County multiple times in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’00s: a process requiring a dedicated half day followed by rude inspectors. Fluvanna County has this down to an efficient but thorough process performed by a professional team. The permits clerks provide prompt, friendly service without an attitude, always getting back with answers to questions by us amateurs. The engineer offered valid design suggestions while ensuring that the deck did not get over-engineered. Finally, the building inspector was a real professional who offered suggestions without insults.
If considering an addition or deck in the future, make sure you or your contractor completes the building permit process.

Ranny Reynolds
Lake Monticello

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