Fluvanna Faces: David and Katie Flynn

By Harvey J. Sorum

David, are you a native of Fluvanna County?  If not, why do you reside here now?

No. I was born and raised in Walten, Kentucky.  I joined the Army when I was 17.  I have lived in many places throughout my life – Kentucky, Maryland, California, and then Virginia in 1968. I moved to Fluvanna County in 1989.  I was building homes in Fluvanna, mostly at Lake Monticello. It was a more affordable county to live in and the officials were easier to work with.

Tell us a little about yourself and your family.

When we moved to Virginia, we saw the opportunity to take a leap of faith and opened a Mexican restaurant, La Hacienda, across from the old UVA arena call University Hall, building on June 6, 1970. This was the first Mexican restaurant in Charlottesville and possibly all of Virginia. We had other restaurants in Virginia – El Cabrito’s, which was across from Albemarle County High School; and Lupo’s and Pappy’s Fried Chicken, which were next door to the La Hacienda on Emmet Street.  There were also some others along the way.  We decided to retire in 1996. We also had a construction business and built many homes, mostly in Fluvanna County.  Our last building project was the Gate Plaza Shopping Center at Lake Monticello.  We have three children, four grandchildren and one great grandson.

What role did Katie play in all this?

Katie is a quiet person until she gets going.  Then watch out.  She grew up in Nelson County.  After high school graduation, she immediately got a job with a government agency.  I met Katie when she was 14 while I was in the service with her brother.  We began dating when she was 18 and married shortly after that.  She worked with me when we opened La Hacienda restaurant in Charlottesville.  We wouldn’t have been so successful without her doing so much.  We worked as a real team.    

Tell us about your book writing? 

Fourteen years ago, I wrote a children’s book, “Nick and the Old Man of the Mountain”.  I dedicated it to our granddaughter who loved the story.  It’s available at the Fluvanna County library.

Last year, 2023, I wrote the book, “Partners.”  This book puts the emphasis that you are born with one partner, the government, who has and will always see to it that it gets its part.  But to give you the comfort to get through life, there is a second partner you need, the Lord. He’s a partner you choose.

Do you have plans for a book signing?

I will be at the Fluvanna County library on July 13 from noon to 3 p.m. I plan to give away signed copies and answer any questions someone may have.

Is there a central theme for your book, “Partners”?

Everyone needs the Lord in their life.

What different jobs have you had?

I started out in a family of sharecroppers; was in the Army, drove a coal truck; electrician’s helper; a short order cook; drove tractors and trailers; managed and owned restaurants; a realtor; an auctioneer; and a Class A contractor. 

What was the most important event in your life?

When I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior of my life at the age of 12, when Katie and I married in 1963, having children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Any regrets?

In my lifetime, I have claimed to be self-educated in everything I have been involved with.  I made some mistakes but with the Lord on my side and my family’s support, I have overcome life’s challenges.

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