Fluvanna Faces: Robin and Earl Ingersoll

By Harvey J. Sorum

Robin and Earl, are you both natives of Fluvanna County?  If not, why did you choose to live here?

No, we moved to Fluvanna County to live in a more rural location and we needed more land for our farming operation.  We have laid down our roots here.

Tell us a little about yourselves and your families. 

We have been married for 33 years and have known each other since elementary school.  We are conservative Bible believing Christians and first generation farmers.  We had a landscaping business for over 25 years before venturing into farming full-time.  We are blessed with one adult daughter and three adult sons and their spouses, eight grandchildren and another on the way as well as large extended families on both sides.  We both enjoy physical work, learning new things, spending time with those we love and life in general.

When did you open Harmony Hill Farm and why?

We began farming part-time in 2010 in Hanover County  and made the decision to start farming full-time when we moved to Fluvanna County in 2016.  Prior to starting our farm, we had begun learning more about how and where our food was produced.  We wanted to be part of a better alternative than what was being produced in the mainstream livestock farming industry.  We wanted to produce healthier options for our family and others, as well as being a good steward of God’s creation.

Is Harmony Hill any different than other farms raising livestock?

One way that our farm is different is that we use an intensive rotation grazing system for our ruminant livestock, which we feel makes for healthier livestock and improves the soil and pasture.  We also finish our livestock and direct market our meat products. 

Do you sell retail?

Yes, we sell retail, wholesale, and custom.

If we want to know more about Harmony Hill Farm do you have a web site?

Our website is HarmonyHillFarm.net.

What are your goals in life?

Robin:  I aspire to live to 100+ years and to have a healthy and active journey there, but more than that, I want to be obedient and glorify God in all I do.

Earl:  I would love to be able to continue to care for God’s creation (both land and livestock) right up to the end.  I also share my wife’s sentiment to be obedient and glorify God in all things.

Any hobbies?

Robin:  I really enjoy history and antiques, anything old.  I also love nature, there is so much beauty, peace and fun things to discover out in the woods.  The natural world we live in is amazing.

Earl:  Hunting and spending time with my children and grandkids on the farm.  I love it when I get to teach my grandkids about our farming lifestyle.

Do you have any favorite books or movies or quotes?

Robin:  The Bible.  I have a few quotes but can’t remember who said them other than my parents and farming books. My favorite quotes are “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”   “You can catch  more flies with honey than vinegar.”    “It’s not how much money you make that matters but how much of it you keep.”

What was the most important event in each of your lives?

Our decision to follow the Lord as our Savior because of all he has done for us.  This, in turn, influences our lives to farm in a manner to help be good stewards of His creation.  The other most important event in our lives is our marriage of 33 years and counting.

Anything else you want to tell us?

We thought the transition to our new home and farm in Fluvanna County would be very difficult after living so long in Hanover County but it has proven to be easier than expected.  We were warmly welcomed here by all our neighbors and have been accepted by this fine community.  We truly feel blessed to be living here.  If it is the Lord’s will , we hope to live our life out here in Fluvanna County.

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