Booker understands

I am an elementary teacher in Fluvanna. Last year I had 20 children in my class. Our classroom had space for 20 individual desks (important because children feel respected and responsible given their own personal workspace), we had room for a reading table (shaped like a horseshoe), room for a collaborative workspace (a rectangular table), and room for the whole class to come together seated on the floor to share stories, poems, and more interactive academic experiences.

This year I’m expecting to begin in August with about 25 students (a 25% increase), a number that usually goes up after Labor Day. Given a different classroom, and significant budget cuts, my room now has space for 25 individual desks and the collaborative table. No reading table, and so far, not enough floor space to invite my eight-year-olds to come out from behind the desk, change their position and perspective, and share some important social and academic experiences from a collective point of view.

Ms. Booker apparently understands that reducing the school budget immediately and significantly reduces the benefits we can offer our students. I appreciate her support!

(Editor’s note: Ms. Johnson is president of the Fluvanna Education Association.)

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