Stirring up the public

Governing Fluvanna County is not an easy task, considering the current economic situation (much of which occurred on Ms. Booker’s watch). The other board members are doing their best; they do not have to be vilified, especially by one of their own.

Ms. Booker seems to believe that governing Fluvanna County is a one-issue job. Education is everything, and nothing else matters. When belt-tightening is required, it can be anywhere except in the education area.

Saying that the “high school is a beacon to bring development to our community” is just wrong. Young families will not come to Fluvanna because of the wonderful high school if they cannot afford to live here.

Castigating her fellow board members for not dealing with problems as she would like is patently unfair. And using the press to agitate against the board is reprehensible.

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