Demand better

Take for instance using what happened at UVa. as a comparison to what happened in Fluvanna: I have to admit that when the UVa. situation hit the headlines I remarked that this sounded a lot like the way things were being done here in our county. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an elected board or an appointed board – what matters is the way decisions are made. Are they open and up front or done behind closed doors, involving only a select few. In a spate of intelligence and leadership, the chairman of our Board of Supervisors spent many weeks telling us why it was necessary to look to the future and set an adequate tax rate. He was right, until he decided to do things the way the Board of Visitors did at UVa. – in secret and with only a few people.

I also have to take issue with one letter writer’s characterization of transportation (JAUNT) and programs for seniors as make-me-feel-good programs that are unnecessary. It’s very easy to sit in our comfortable, air-conditioned homes and bemoan wasting money on those without our blessings. I feel ashamed to be part of a community that has so little regard for its citizens – especially those less fortunate.

All the citizens of Fluvanna County deserve better. Indeed, we must demand better of our elected representatives.

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