Fired up

Comment was previously made that Ms. Booker’s employment with the school board was not a conflict of interest. As a school employee she knows which side her bread is buttered (and at a high cost!) so she has vested interest. Tell us it ain’t so!! And comments regarding cuts to services for’our people’. So, we have a suggestion Ms. Booker. Why not ‘donate’ your salary from the school board to those services so they can continue to operate fully? If your services to the school board were unpaid/voluntary, your drive to ‘protect’ their interests would no longer be a source of angst among our citizens.

Chris [Hoogmoed] is irritated with the waste of taxpayer’s money for the bike lanes along Turkeysag. Well Chris, so are we. Once again we’ve footed the bill. What about the safety of bikers along Rt.53? Isn’t the Virginia Department of Transportation concerned about them?

Obamacare aka 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Dave [Miller], have you read this bill? Do you know what it contains? Have you seen what’s buried inside that has nothing to do with healthcare? We are open-minded and love to debate. It is the only way to understand and evaluate someone else’s viewpoints. We’d like to see the bill overturned and rewritten to contain nothing but issues regarding healthcare. There are many good points to the bill, but there are a plethora of hidden agendas that would/will affect our civil liberties as established in our Constitution. Remember, even Pelosi didn’t know what the bill contained. In her words “We have to pass the bill so you can see what’s in it.” Civil liberties are simply defined as individual legal and constitutional protections from entities more powerful than an individual, for example, parts of the government. We do believe we need protection from ours!

Thank you, Fluvanna Review, for allowing your readers their First Amendment rights.

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