Is Lake learning from UVa.?

Then they wonder why they have trouble getting volunteers. Committees and volunteers have long been the backbone of Lake Monticello’s success. In a unprecedented move, an item concerning combining the Storm-water Management and Lake Preservation committees was added at the last minute to a recent agenda which only a few directors were even aware of, With the exception of protests from one lone member, Ida Swenson, this mandate was railroaded through. It was another example of ignoring public sentiment, as declared at a recent committee head meeting attended by board officers and confirming their need for total control as to what goes on at the Lake. Committee members now have little doubt that unless they give answers the board wants to hear, they will be ignored.

These are crucial times for the Lake Monticello community. Decisions are being made behind closed doors that impact the quality of life for all of us. (Sound like UVa.’s president’s dismissal?) The residents must let the Board of Directors know that they campaigned on being transparent and listening to their supporters–two qualities they now are ignoring. If you have any doubt, watch or attend a board meeting and let them know how you feel. UVa. made changes so can we!

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