Head examined

You may recall – at the time Obamacare passed – Democrats touted a congressional budget office (CBO) score on only $938 billion.

Now the CBO and the Medicare chief actuary say Obamacare will raise health insurance premiums on Americans, raise overall US health care costs, raise taxes on Americans and American businesses (biggest tax increase in raw dollars in U.S. history), and will siphon something approaching $1 trillion (from 2014 through 2023) out of Medicare.

Anyone on Medicare should have their head examined if they are considering voting for Obama and Democrats this fall.

The Medicare chief actuary says Obamacare will also reduce reimbursement rates to Medicare providers. The reductions will be so drastic the reimbursement rates will be even lower than Medicaid (welfare) reimbursement rates– and Medicaid is already notorious for low provider reimbursement rates.

Low reimbursement rates jeopardize seniors’ access to care because health care providers will not accept those patients for treatment.

So what alternatives do we have in this Democrat caused policy disaster?

Vote this fall to help repeal Obama, Democrats and Obamacare.

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