Responsible government

Also, we fully agree with Mr. Ullenbruch about the Department of Corrections (DOC) water use. Fluvanna County needs to “test the waters” before jumping in over our heads. (We are already over our heads with the cost of the new school.) Utilize the DOC water and see what businesses can be attracted to the area. One citizen reported that the available DOC water (150,000 gallons per day) could easily furnish ten to twelve major retail users. How many years will it take to attract ten major users like a Wendy’s or a J.C. Penny’s to the Crossroads area? Likewise, all the water ( 250,00 gallons per day) that the Fork Union Sanitary District will ever need is available at Carysbrook in the form of Thomasville wells. All that the Fork Union Sanitary District needs to do is tap into those wells and of course make the water useable.

It is with great hope that the supervisors will carefully evaluate all of these alternatives before reopening the mindless bog of the Joint Fluvanna Louisa Water Authority. One might wonder why does Fluvanna County need to furnish the Crossroads area with five million gallons of water when 150,000 gallons of DOC water will supply everything for the next twenty years?

Fluvanna’s approximately $94 million debt does not need to be raised by any amount in order to fund a pipeline project controlled by a “joint” water authority. Always remember that a “water authority” has unlimited power to maintain its interests. Doesn’t it make sense to most that the county should pay down some of the 94 million dollars before trying to justify more.

In this period of badly needed fiscal responsibility, I expect my government to be responsible.

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