It’s working

I now feel compelled to share what my response would have been, had I been there. It would be something like this:
Hope and Change is working well for many of us. Specifically:

  • It’s working for GM employees;
  • It’s working for women receiving equal pay for equal work;
  • It’s working for women that no longer pay more for healthcare than men;
  • It’s working for the millions of fellow Americans that now have health coverage;
  • It’s working for those with pre-existing conditions that now have care;
  • It’s working for those of us that until now were paying the higher costs of the uninsured using emergency rooms to get healthcare;
  • It’s working for seniors on Medicare;
  • It’s working for the soldiers that have come home from Iraq;
  • It’s working for the soldiers under the new GI Bill of Rights;
  • It’s working for military families receiving increased benefits;
  • It’s working for gays in the military;
  • It’s working for same-sex couples that he legitimizes;
  • It’s working for those that have found employment with the declining jobless rate;
  • It’s working for the middle class Americans paying less in taxes;
  • It’s working, slowly but surely, to heal our broken economy;

I’ll tell you where it’s not working –

  • It’s not working for Bin Laden and the Taliban;
  • It’s not working for millionaires receiving huge tax breaks;
  • It’s not working for those “job creators” that didn’t create jobs during the last ten years;
  • It’s not working for those “job creators” that created those jobs overseas and received tax credits.

So that would have been my answer. I’m sure the doom and gloom visitor would have had lots of sound bites and scare tactics in response, and we wouldn’t have changed each others’ minds. But hopefully many others will visit the campaign headquarters (across from Food Lion) to learn the real facts behind about how Hope and Change are working.

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