Questioning senior center

While the Jefferson Area Board for Aging’s efforts to maintain its Senior Community Center have been rather prominent in the media, as a taxpayer I might question that if in maintaining service for a relatively small, self-selected group, no matter how deserving, JABA might be diverting precious resources from maintaining a safety net for all citizens. Fluvanna has far more older residents besides center participants, who during the course of the year will experience acute hardship, whether due to catastrophe or to problems related to aging. In difficult economic times, a single relatively minor such incident can devastate an individual or entire family.

Often assistance by a highly educated and experienced professional in navigating the system to locate and obtain resources to restore or optimize functioning in the community is required. Fluvanna currently receives the services of a highly qualified, competent and dedicated case manager, who, due to other obligations, is generally able to be present in the county one day a week—to manage a full time caseload.

Recently, a former JABA employee was contacted at home by a Fluvanna resident seeking assistance through JABA. Appropriate contact information was supplied with encouragement to follow through, but this does not speak well of JABA’s capability to readily address situations as they arise.

I agree 100% that transportation, housing and senior services (including the Senior Community Center) are not simply make-me-feel-good programs, but it may be understandable how some may come to that conclusion.

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