Douglass like Washington

Even though he is running for Congress on the Democratic ticket, he is really bipartisan. I hope that Independent voters, and open-minded Republicans who do not blindly vote a straight party ticket, will vote for him. He has testified before Congress many times on behalf of the military, and has a working relationship with both Republicans and Democrats in Congress. He is not a career politician; this is the first time he has run for public office. He believes Congress needs to have someone with a military background when it is making decisions about defense funding, and sending our people to war.

While it is my impression that his opponent Robert Hurt supports ending Medicare as we now know it, Gen. Douglass supports protecting guaranteed health care for seniors in Medicare, rather than vouchers. A voucher system would mean seniors could pay an approximate additional $6,000 – $10,000 per year for health care.

He had chosen to go into farming in his retirement, feeding chickens and tending vineyards. But, like George Washington, he is willing to give up being on his beloved farm, come out of retirement, and again serve his country. Let’s give him the opportunity to do so by voting on Nov. 7 for General Douglass to be our next Congressman.

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