Obama heir to deficit

Was Minor Eager concerned when the Bush administration was doing those things that were pushing our country to the brink of economic disaster? Clinton left a surplus but Bush did bring this country to the brink of disaster.

Mr. Patchen seems to have missed the point that mandatory health insurance means that there will be healthy people in the pool to balance the sick and elderly; very much like group insurance companies operate. Those who are healthy pay for those who are not so healthy. As a health care provider I have kept up with incentives for encouraging physicians to become primary care physicians and attracting mid-level providers. This has been examined closely by this administration. For Mr. Patchen to say that no one has been addressing this is untrue.

Mr. Duffau claims Romney has a plan, but ignores facts; the job market is improving; unemployment is lower than when Obama took office, home buying is on the increase. Home values have declined but were overvalued to begin with. Gas prices were $1.60 per gallon when Bush took office compared to $4.40 before he left. For President Obama to match Bush’s record, gas would have to go to $12.60 a gallon. I don’t hear Republicans boasting about tripling gas prices when they last occupied the White House. Everyone knows, and conveniently ignores the fact that two-thirds of the national debt was added during Republican presidencies; Ronald Reagan and Mr. Bush added most of that.

President Obama has not failed and America is moving forward despite the Republicans in Congress obstructing and refusing to put America first. The American people are tired of Republican obstruction and will say yes to President Obama and four more years.

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