Obama pro-mankind

Of course the Republicans won’t admit or accept responsibility for their actions, yet blame President Obama for what he didn’t fix in the past four years. Now they want to fix the economy by claiming his ideas. If they had been focused on the economy instead of their pockets, the country wouldn’t be in this predicament. They did not care then, why should they now?

Now we know, money that’s hidden in foreign banks cannot be taxed to grow the United States economy. Under Republican reign the wealthy become richer and the poor poorer. They benefit from keeping it that way. Is there no end to greed?

What’s with Congress not cooperating? Their cooperation would put President Obama in a positive light and expose their share in corporate interest.

President Obama’s concern is for all mankind. Not just the upper but lower and middle class as well. It will take Democrats four more years to fix what Republicans created in the previous eight.

Yes, Barack Obama deserves a second term as president of these United States of America. He is for real not make-believe.

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