Hughes vs. Rittenhouse

Mr. William (Bill) Hughes is campaigning to become the school board member for the Cunningham District.  He is out there, meeting and greeting the citizens of Fluvanna County.

He is making every effort to become known and to learn first-hand the concerns of the parents in the community. His background in public service in New York and here in Fluvanna County is commendable. His credentials and experience in the public sector enables him to carry out the Fluvanna County School Board’s mission and to assist in achieving its goals. The school children will benefit from Mr. Hughes expertise in school matters.  Mr. Hughes has a vested interest in the school system.  The quality of education rendered and decisions made by the school board affects his granddaughter along with all the school children in Fluvanna County.

It was relatively easy to find information about Mr. William Hughes and to find out what he stands for.

On the other hand, it has not been the same for his opponent, Charles Rittenhouse. Other than discovering that he is a general contractor and the husband of Debbie Rittenhouse, chair of the Republican Party, information about him has not been forthcoming. Have his children attended Fluvanna schools?  Why does he want to represent  the Cunningham District? It would be great to know what he is about and what his experiences are that would enable him to carry out the Fluvanna school board’s mission.

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