Rich vs poor?

Cooperation is also in the nature of many species, but especially humans. The first humans naturally formed cooperative groups. A lone individual would not have survived very long in the hostile environment of early man. This “cooperate” gene improved the chances of survival of each individuals and the group. Better forms of cooperation (for instance, better group hunting strategies) improved the chances of survival and prosperity even more.

Cooperation for the good of a larger group comes naturally, even today. We exchange favors with our neighbors. Many of us are very generous with our time and money because of this natural tendency to cooperate and help others.

In the long history of modern man, those who seek power have, more often than not, succeeded in gaining power by tearing down this natural tendency to cooperate and prosper as a group. They gain followers by pitting one class or race of people against another. They foster the support of a majority by blaming society’s problems on minority groups within the society.

This is happening in today’s political environment. The poor and middle class are being pitted against the evil rich and evil corporations. However, it’s just a strategy for winning elections and, in actuality, no one will gain anything except those seeking power. It’s dishonest because Exxon is bad and its profits are obscene because it doesn’t support Democrats while GE is good even though it paid zero corporate income tax. It’s dishonest because rich business people that support Republicans are evil but rich Hollywood people that support Democrats are good. Romney’s riches are bad but Al Gore and John Kerry’s riches are OK.

I am writing this letter to Joe Shaver and others who have similar feelings. Don’t fall into this trap that politicians are laying. Please don’t allow them to divide you against your neighbor. I think everyone desires the best for everyone else. That is, except for politicians, who are solely focused on self-interest.

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