Save our country

Obama’s policy of bowing appeasement to radicals has led to a general mocking disrespect all over the world. The Middle East is on fire and Iran is headed for a nuke! God help Israel and America when terrorist have dirty bombs.

The Obama Federal reserve is printing $40 billion a month for “as long as it takes.” This is an unprecedented, blatant devaluation of your dollar which has fallen 18% in Thirteen months vs. a basket of real commodities. Savers are earning less than 1% on the savings accounts and will continue to lose to inflation until at least 2015. Thanks Obama and Bernanke. The same $1 million in savings that used to earn Grandma $50,000 a year (at a modest 5%) now is lucky to earn $8,000 without risk unacceptable for retired people.

Mitt Romney has the expertise to turn our country toward fiscal sanity. Along with the excellent Paul Ryan and a conservative congress, a Romney presidency will give us a prayer that we can avoid a financial collapse, set a prudent course, restore our future and get the Government out of our pockets and out of our lives. Please vote, make sure your friends are registered and take them with you. Save our country.

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