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Tim Kaine’s major goal is removing all guns from American citizens. Tim Kaine was the main speaker at a Muslim event that raised money for a terrorist organization. Could this outreaching to the Muslim community by Tim Kaine be the reason the word “God” was not in the Democratic platform. This vote buying could also explain the $47 billion dollars was given, by Obama, to Muslim countries in the last six months. How can the Democrats play the women vote but fail to address the treatment of women under Sharia law. As one Muslim cleric stated” emancipation of women is the greatest threat to Islam.”

Obama was recently endorsed by Vladimir Putin, Russian leader, Hugo Chavez, socialist dictator of Venezuela and the communist party of the U.S.

Obama’s administration has been a combination of Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement policy, Jimmy Carter’s unclear economic /financial policy, European socialistic manufacturing policy, a United Kingdom healthcare system (NHS), a Roosevelt New Deal entitlement policy and a 1930s Germany dictatorial policy (executive orders/mandates).

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