Romney and Ryan are dangerous

It is clear that candidates Romney and Ryan are clueless about the issues that women really care about. Of course we care about the economy and education. But neither candidate has told us how their plan will work. Most economists feel that what they have seen just won’t work the way Romney and Ryan say it will. What about more affordable child care? How about improved health care coverage including family planning and cancer screenings? Why the attacks on Planned Parenthood? Why the need to make abortion illegal again? Have they learned nothing from history? Once Americans have a right, just try and take it away. Especially when women’s lives are at stake.

I am greatly concerned about Romney’s total about face on issues that I care about. He was a moderate when governor of Massachusetts but has changed his positions to woo the extreme right in his party. I believe he will say anything to be elected president. And I don’t trust someone who is willing to sell his convictions, if he ever had any, to reach higher office. I think he showed his real feeling about American women during the second debate when talking about binders of women. Imagine how hard his advisors had to work to find competent women? And women have to get home at 5 p.m. to make dinner for the family? Tell that to all the women doctors, scientists, CEO’s, nurses, wait staff and child care workers. Romney may rule his family and business like he is living in the 1950s, but a ruler is not the same thing as a leader.

Romney and Ryan are not only bad for women, they are bad for families and for America.

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