Inaccurate statement

What? FTA has never once advocated suing the county’s financial advisor and has never taken a stand on the merits of the county’s lawsuit.
As a longtime journalist, I’m amazed at the unfounded assertions made about FTA – supposed backroom deals we’ve struck with supervisors that never happened, positions FTA is alleged to have taken that are totally contrary to the truth, wild assertions about FTA’s motives and actions with no basis in fact. Now we have the former Board of Supervisors chairman – an intelligent man who should know better – stooping to the same loose and lazy use of an intellect.
What boggles the mind is Mr. Moss’s audacity to write his letter when it was his actions related to the bonds that have financially straitjacketed Fluvanna today. Hallelujah for any relief the refinancing brings. But Fluvanna will be burdened for years to come because of historically high spending and borrowing approved by Mr. Moss even as Lehman Brothers went belly-up and the bailouts began. Does everyone realize Fluvanna ranks 13th out of 95 Virginia localities in debt per capita? Imagine how much worse off we’d be if FTA had not said “Enough!” when Mr. Moss pushed borrowing for a $56 million pipeline on top of the $77 million high school! Imagine how much more money would be available to reward great teachers and beef up curriculum given more fiscal prudence.
If anyone wants to know what FTA has said about a taxpayer issue, don’t assume. Ask. E-mail We’ll happily set the record straight. We keep a record of our official statements, newsletters, public comments and position papers. Also, check out FTA’s website for information on taxpayer topics:
FTA is the only organization dedicated to standing up for Fluvanna taxpayers – their voices, their pocketbooks. We educate and advocate for taxpayers, we shine a light on county policies and decisions affecting everyone’s taxes. Sounds like something to salute, not vilify.


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