Science of acrobatics

At the time, then-Board of Supervisor Chairman Gene Ott asked whether the bonds could be refinanced almost immediately in January 2010. The response from our financial advisors was that it would have been a financial wash to do so – in effect, a net loss to Fluvanna directly caused by Moss’ rush to take out $70 million in debt in the worst economy in modern times.
Today, we have tangible and real evidence of the financial damage Moss caused Fluvanna County. The $11 million dollars recovered by a financially responsible board is a signal accomplishment and a stark contrast to our debt-drunk predecessors of merely four years ago.
Once again Marvin Moss does an impeccable job of identifying the mess, even if he is unwilling to take ownership of the financial disaster he left behind. Nonetheless, credit is to be given to a Board of Supervisors willing to sober up, stem the bleeding, strike a middle balance, and recover what is rightfully ours.
But attempts by Moss to make his legacy of financial mismanagement a little less horrible serve little purpose indeed.

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