Good students

The Illsches also made several other points regarding the schools in Fluvanna County. My family moved to the Lake two years ago for the promise of a better future for our family. That included the good things we heard about the Fluvanna school system. What the county supervisors and the Fluvanna Taxpayers Association has done to the funding for the school system is disgraceful and will have a long term impact on whether this county is a place to grow a family. Once upon a time we understood that to be a great nation we needed to pay for it. Our infrastructure, such as the Eisenhower interstate highway system, the TVA, our schools all cost taxes that citizens were willing to pay. This created the opportunity for greatness in our country.
We get what we pay for. The Illsches have decided to home school their children. That’s not a choice I would make, but clearly if they think that the students are criminals maybe it makes sense. The reason home school children do not have access to school sports and clubs is that those activities require a certain academic achievement and there is no way of determining whether home schoolers meet the grade.

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