Support your school

FCHS did for me what no other school could have done. If it hadn’t been for the excellent staff, the BRVGS program, and the different learning experiences I encountered there, I wouldn’t be who I am. From 8th grade to my senior year, I was a part of the FCHS marching band. In fact, I was the drum major (the conductor, not a “major of drums”) of the band when we won the national title in 2006. Yeah, that was my band and the family of friends I had made who did that.
And because of that history, I marched with the University of Virginia when they went to 2007’s Gator Bowl. My college courses in high school allowed me to have a college experience where I could focus on my interpreting training, worry-free. That means something to me, and no one will degrade that while I live in Fluvanna County.
I don’t want to hear what “a few friends” are saying. I’m living proof that they’re absolutely, undeniably, 100% wrong. And I’ll always support my school.

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