Board running amuck

They have alienated volunteers by abolishing committees. The entire Solicitations and Contracts Committee resigned. The board has yet to act on previous ad hoc committee recommendations. Staff have retired or resigned. Three members of the Investment Committee recently resigned after the Board proposed using a fee-firm investment management company, a major policy change with no member input. The Board attempted to require committee volunteers to sign confidentiality agreements allowing access to personal email.
They have replaced the Lake Preservation Committee and Storm Water Committees with a new Watershed Management Committee and issued another contract to have a consultant study the watershed. The Board is ignoring previous WEG studies instead of taking action. Lake health money should go to improving drainage to protect our lake.
The recent 2012 independent financial audit accepted by the Board has shown excess revenues of $1,137,192. Most of this money actually belongs in reserves used for major repairs and replacements. You may appear flush with cash when you are not spending to maintain the community.
We elected the current Board to lead by consensus, not use polarizing tactics to push their own agendas. Recently, it was proposed that an adult must accompany all minors to amenities like beaches and the pool. When members of the community protested, the Board backed down. It is now working on a code of conduct to help educate your kids. Every member needs to focus on what current leaders are doing and vote. Sharon McLaughlin, Lake Monticello
I have gotten numerous messages regarding an email sent out to friends and neighbors from Valerie Palamountain regarding notice of the upcoming annual meeting of the Lake Monticello Home Owner’s Association and the upcoming Board of Directors election. She actually endorses two candidates, Weaver and Combs, and includes Weaver’s campaign flyer, which is in direct contraindication of the LMOA policy manual PM 2.01 Section 4.10 Item C. The Board of Directors shall not endorse any candidate solicitation material and shall not be responsible for any material by a candidate.
Ms. Palamountain also reminds friends and neighbors that the instructions for the proxy are included in the packet and to send in the proxy before the deadline, June 21. This email looks like an official notice from the board. There are many people at the community incensed by this because Ms. Palamountain, in her capacity as president of the BOD clearly knows the policy manual and seems to pick and choose from it at will.
The elections of the LMOA BOD in the past have been determined by a very small percentage of Lake households. This is a very important election because the current board runs by fiat rather than building consensus. This board has decimated the committee structure for the LMOA and proposed 16 year old age limit for access to lake amenities; all in the past months or so.
Mike Harrison reminded Lake residents at the Broadcast Group’s Meet the Candidates that past boards ran by building consensus. There was give and take between board members rather than one hour notice of major changes. He also noted that he was the only candidate not endorsed by the questionable email. Dylan Combs, the youngest candidate running has a 15 month old child. He wasn’t as clear on the issues, he clearly is smart and will bring a different outlook to the table. He also indicated that all Lake amenities, including golf, should be grouped together in a profit/loss column, because they all add to the value of the homes and the community at-large. The financial burden to the community of the golf course amounts to about $25 per year per household. Ms. Weaver has been a member of the finance committee and brings professional expertise to the table.
Valerie Palamountain said how she would vote. If anyone cares, I am endorsing Mike Harrison because I believe he will work to change how the board operates and return to consensus building and respect for the committee structure. I am also endorsing Dylan Combs, mainly because of gut feeling that he will bring a new and fresh outlook to the table. I also hope that he really means what he says about the Lake amenities. Please remember to vote. I really matters and is easy to do. As Valerie Palamountain said, just return the proxy by June 21.

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