Palamountain should resign

While the Board Members as a group may not have done so, Ms. Palamountain has. In addition, PM 15.18 further prohibits the “use of communications media to circumvent LMOA governing documents to personally attempt to influence public opinion or votes.” Furthermore, if individual board members were allowed to act independently, there would be no need for this bylaw, the purpose being to prevent collusive abuse of authority. Palamountain has taken the position that as an LMOA property owner she is afforded this independence. Not so, as a board member she can’t have it both ways. While the board position which she willingly and willfully campaigned for affords her certain powers of governance, it also requires her to exercise a degree of prudence in the conduct of her office. How should this matter be addressed? Hopefully she would tender her resignation and if not, the BOD should act accordingly to effect her removal. For them not to do so implies complicity and would be a dereliction of duty.

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