Aqua Virginia

Government decisions are sometimes worse than doing nothing. Return on investments by government’s are inflated with errors and omissions to make taxpayers comfortable and accepting. The reality of misleading, incorrect information is that taxpayers are left to pay the bill. Now we have a total debt in Fluvanna County larger than any surrounding county. Do we need more debt with inaccurate assumptions?
We as a county have had empty promises on economic development and tax reductions. We have a second incomplete and inaccurate ROI costing $6,000 paid by taxpayers, because some people are determined to push the Aqua water line through at any cost. Factors omitted in the ROI are sewer line costs, inadequate existing plant and additional costs to expand in the future. UDA faulty assumptions on growth and return cannot be realized –$1 million a year obligation without any possibility of tax reduction or return. Is this acceptable: A water line we do not own, mandatory hook ups, current customers of Aqua Virginia, homes with wells not benefitting, have to pay extra taxes for the water and sewer to Zion Crossroads.
Aqua Virginia now holds customers hostage. Aqua will hold the entire county hostage with this contract! Why would Supervisors (Shaun) Kenny, (Joe) Chesser, and (Mozell) Booker, possibly sign this disastrous contract with Aqua Virginia after our county attorney objected and questioned the legality? The proposed water line from Columbia to Ferncliff [$4 million?] that benefits Louisa also makes no sense, for we will not have control or ownership through our county and will cost millions more of our tax dollars to connect later.
We should also understand the tax increases to cover water and sewer and any future tax increases, will impact additional educational funding, teacher`s salaries and benefits, plus safety in years to come. Is a horrible deal with Aqua and Louisa County worth these sacrifices? What else are we willing to sacrifice?

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