The asset is Fluvanna’s right to withdraw 3-4 million gallons of water per day from the James River. The Board of Supervisors seems intent in not only giving this to Louisa but also giving Louisa an additional $2 million dollars to sweeten the deal. The 3 million gallons/day rate is almost 1.1 billion gallons of untreated water per year. Charlottesville charges $6/1000 gallons of treated water. At that rate, the James River water after treatment could generate $6.6 million/year in revenue. Obviously, this is a best case scenario and there are significant expense in treating the water. It seems that someday in the future, Fluvanna may have a customers that could use use all of that water.

So, why are we giving this very important and valuable asset away. Surely given all of Fluvanna’s financial needs, does it not make more sense to use this asset to help the citizens of Fluvanna?

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