Sheridan conflict?

The Board of Supervisors each year allocates money for the schools’ operating budget, including the money to pay teachers’ salaries.
As a supervisor, Sheridan will have, in effect, enormous power over his own salary. This should not happen.
Even worse, however, is the second conflict that Sheridan will take with him to the Board of Supervisors if he is elected.
He will have the power over the budget allocated to the office of his brother, Fluvanna Commissioner of the Revenue Mel Sheridan. At budget time every year, Mel Sheridan stands before the Board of Supervisors to plead for more money, more employees and more responsibilities.
With his brother in a position to decide the budget for his office (yes it takes three supervisors’ votes to approve a budget, but the power any one supervisor wields is significant) Mel Sheridan may well build the mightiest bureaucracy Fluvanna has ever seen.
Conflicts like these ought to be illegal, and in many states, they would be. Virginia, however, is notoriously lax in the controls imposed on the behavior of public officials. That means that the only way we can stop a fellow like Mike Sheridan from influencing his own salary and setting the entire budget for his elected brother is to stop him at the ballot box.
I believe Sheridan’s opponent for supervisor, Elizabeth Franklin, will be an excellent supervisor.
She is not aligned with any party or special interest, and she will bring no conflicts of interest to the office.
If we care about good, honest government in Fluvanna County, we have to cast our votes against Mike Sheridan.

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